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Restore is a movement of people who are seeking a deeper understanding of God, a home for the spiritually active and curious - hosted by Seventh-day Adventists.

Church is more than a building you go to, it’s a lifestyle of Christ-like intentionality. A movement of people who God can reveal himself through daily. A people who know God and not just about God.


We believe that right now, across the world, God is helping people to discover a much deeper and richer experience of His love than we currently know.

This calls us to stay curious, have a willingness to listen and to suspend our judgements that little bit longer. Through humble enquiry and by continually challenging our preconceptions understanding can be restored.

“We still don’t get it”


We believe in creating a culture where people can be loved, even when they have different views to us.

What the world needs now is a people who will assume the best of others; affirm the good they see in other people; a people who will hold the space for others to live out their purpose and develop their character.

“We’re not where we need to be.”


We strive to show genuine care for others, being present and close enough to perceive their needs, recognising when needs change, and responding with acts of selfless service.

From small individual acts of generosity and kindness to collective action, we seek to make shared moments meaningful and special, fuelled by hope, optimism and abundance.

“The world hasn’t felt it yet”